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Learning iZotope Ozone


What you should know

1. Getting Started

Standalone vs. plugin version
Creating a project
Navigating the Ozone 7 interface
Module browser
Working with presets
Creating presets
Undo History window

2. The Equalizer

EQ basics
Approaches to EQ in Ozone 7
Mid-Side processing
Using matching EQ
Pre and post EQ

3. Using the Dynamic Modules in Ozone

Using the Dynamic EQ module in Ozone
Using the Dynamic Compressor in Ozone

4. Using the Exciter

Working with the Ozone Exciter
Advanced Exciter techniques

5. Working with "Vintage" Tools

Vintage Compressor and hardware modeling
Understanding the Vintage EQ
Adding tape saturation and harmonics
Using the Vintage Limiter

6. Maximzing and Stereo Imaging in Ozone

Working with the Ozone Maximizer
Using the Stereo Imager in Ozone

7. Preparing the Master for Final Export

What is Codec Preview?
Working with dither
Trimming, fades, and final audio edits
Channel Swap and Mono mode
Exporting your mastered project

8. Genre Specific Mastering in Ozone

Voiceovers and podcasts
Mastering a dance/electronic track
Mastering a rock track
Mastering a hip-hop track


Next steps