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Learning iZotope Neutron

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you should know

1. Getting to Know iZotope Neutron

Working with iZotope Neutron in your DAW
Neutron: Understanding the UI and modules

2. Working with Modules

The EQ
Advanced EQ Techniques amd Dynamic EQ mode
The Compressor
The Exciter
The Transient Shaper
The Limiter and I/O section
Spectral shaping with Neutrino mode

3. Intelligent Mixing with iZotope Neutron

Meet your virtual assistant engineer
The Learn function
Working with Track Assistant
Assistant: Subtle, medium, and aggressive
Undo and saving your own presets

4. Using the Masking Meter

Setting up and using the masking meter
Correcting masking issues in Neutron


Further training