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Learning Infraworks

Using the exercise files
Working with the InfraWorks 2015.3 Update

1. Work within the InfraWorks Environment
Using the Start page
Operating the user interface
Understanding the InfraWorks model
Navigating the model using the mouse
Navigating the model using the ViewCube
Navigating the model by selection
Applying bookmarks

2. Establish Existing Conditions
Creating a model with Model Builder
Getting data from the National Map Viewer
Creating a model from scratch
Importing imagery
Configuring the model
Importing terrain data
Importing road and railway data
Importing water feature data

3. Create Your Design
Creating roads
Editing roads
Creating coverages
Editing coverages
Creating and editing buildings

4. Add Detail
Creating trees
Editing trees
Creating water features
Editing water features
Working with points of interest
Working with city furniture

5. Create and Apply Styles
Working with the Style palette
Creating a material style
Creating and applying a coverage style
Creating a material group
Copying and modifying a road style

6. Present Your Design
Working with Model Generation settings
Looking at 3D Graphics settings
Working with visual effects
Checking out the Sun and Sky settings
Working with snapshots and renders
Working with storyboards

7. Analyze Your Design
Measuring your model
Analyzing terrain
Analyzing light and shadow

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