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lynda Learning Infrastructure for Developers

Video Introducing this tutorial

Advance your career by understanding infrastructure
What you need to know
Understand the purpose of infrastructure

1. An Overview of How the Internet Works:
Learn how computers communicate over the Internet
Use IP addresses to access websites
Use the Domain Name Service (DNS) to access websites

2. Running Code Locally:
Understand localhost
Set up localhost with Node.js
Add a listener to your web server
Run localhost with Python

3. Hosting an Application:
On-premise infrastructure vs. IaaS
Understand how EC2s work
Build a remote computer on the cloud
Access a remote computer with SSH
Run an application on a server in the cloud

4. Receiving Traffic to Your Application:
Decide where your servers live
Add additional servers to your infrastructure
Create a load balancer with a listener
Use load balancers to balance traffic

5. Pushing Code to the Internet:
Push code to remote servers
Leverage multiple deployment environments
Use containerization to encapsulate configurations
Automate deployments with pipelines

6. Building Highly Available Applications:
Reduce risk with blue-green deployments
Safely modify infrastructure with incoming traffic
Scale horizontally or scale vertically?

Dive deeper into infrastructure