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Learning HashiCorp Vault

Secrets management with Vault
What you should know
Setting up your environment

1. Introduction to Vault
What is Vault?
Vault cryptography
Vault concepts and architecture

2. Getting Started with Vault
Using the dev server
Introduction to Vault secrets engines
Working with Vault secrets engines
Vault authentication
Vault policies overview
Adding policies to Vault

3. Running and Using Vault
Running a Vault server
Initializing and unsealing a Vault server
Running the containers
SSH secrets engine overview
SSH secrets engine set up
Database secrets engine overview
Configuring the database secrets engine
Policies and credentials with the database secrets engine

4. Implementing Vault
Secure introduction overview
Secure introduction approaches
Integrating Jenkins with Vault
Vault response wrapping

5. Using the Vault API
Using Postman to demonstrate the Vault API

Next steps with Vault