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Learning GWT


What you should know
Using the exercise files

1. Create and Run a GWT Application

Why use Google Web Toolkit (GWT)?
GWT project structure
The host page
The module configuration file
Launch a GWT application in Super Dev Mode

2. GWT Widgets and UiBinder

GWT widgets and panels
Test UI changes
What is UiBinder?
UiBinder event handling
UiBinder resources: Part 1
UiBinder resources: Part 2
Connect all the pieces

3. Manage AJAX Events on the Client

Overview of AJAX events and SOP
Overlay types and JSNI
Make the AJAX call
Manage the AJAX Response: Set default data
Manage the AJAX Response: UI interactions
Manage the AJAX Response: Dynamic HTML updates

4. Debugging in the Browser

Source maps
Set breakpoints and inspect variables
Debug the code

5. Run Locally in Production Mode

Compilation and optimization
Run in production mode