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Learning Grasshopper

What you should know before watching this course
Using the exercise files
What is Grasshopper?
Downloading and installing Grasshopper

1. Algorithms
What's an algorithm?
What is data?

2. Working in Grasshopper
Checking out Grasshopper's interface
Working with parameters and components
Setting input data
Dealing with warnings and errors
Looking at display modes
Using the Remote Control panel
Saving and baking Grasshopper files

3. Math and Logic Functions
Using data matching
Looking at basic scalar components
Understanding sequences
Looking at mathematical functions
Working with logical functions
Introduction to vectors
Checking out vector attributes
Working with attractor points

4. Curves and Surfaces
Checking out curve basics
Analyzing curve data
Checking out surface basics
Analyzing surface data
Exploring diagonal grid surfaces
Working with surface spheres
Representing 3D geometry with polygon meshes
Generating polygonal mesh data from point clouds

5. Transformations
Checking out transformation basics
Algorithmic transformations
Image sampling
Using morphing in Grasshopper
Looking at paneling

6. Data Tree
Checking out list basics
Manipulating list data with filters
Checking out Data Tree basics
Data Tree components

Next steps