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Learning Google Cloud IoT Core

Video Introducing this tutorial

IoT and the Google Cloud platform
What you should know

1. Overview of IoT Concepts
Understanding IoT terminology
Challenges of scaling IoT
What is Google IoT Core?

2. Software and Hardware Setup
Understanding the software tooling
Installing the Google Cloud SDK
Installing the Arduino IDE
Installing the USB to UART driver
Prepare your Raspberry Pi SD card
Configuring Raspbian

3. Understanding Security
Google IoT Core security
Provisioning and securing edge devices

4. Setting Up a Virtual Device
Virtual device overview
Creating a project
Configuring an edge device
Observing telemetry Data
Virtual device summary

5. Setting Up a Connected Edge Device
Description of the overall project
Set up the project in IoT Core
Review sample project code
Making code changes
Observing telemetry data
LED circuit changes
Challenge: LED coding changes
Solution: LED coding changes
Testing the result

6. Using an IoT Gateway
Description of IoT Gateway project
ESP32 and DHT22 circuit wiring
Google Cloud Console setup
Gateway code for Raspberry Pi
Gateway setup in Google Cloud
Running the Gateway server
Code for ESP32
Testing the circuit
Challenge: Humidity
Solution: Humidity

7. Best Practices
Architecture best practices

Cleaning up your projects
Next steps