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Learning GitHub Actions

Automating your GitHub workflow
What you should know
Exercise files
Getting to the workflow editor

1. Your first Action
Your first Action
Action attributes

2. Connecting Actions with Workflows
Create a workflow
Add actions to a workflow
Add dependencies between actions
Workflow and action limitations

3. Using Actions
Use featured and pre-built Actions
Use an action from the Marketplace
Use an action from a repository
Using environment variables
Using secrets

4. Building Custom Actions
Plan a custom action
Your custom action objective
Dockerfile review
Add a Dockerfile
Add an entry-point script
Use runtime environment resources
Test an action locally
Complete the entry-point script
Use labels in a Dockerfile
Add a README file
Deploy a custom action
Publish an action to the Marketplace

5. Use Cases
Use cases for Actions and workflows
Continuous integration
Pull requests
Deploying a web application

Next steps

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