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Learning FARO PointSense Plant

Video Introducing this tutorial

What you should know
How to use the exercise files

1. Get Started
PointSense Plant overview
Create the ReCap file
Create the VirtuSurv file

2. Prepare Your Project
Modify display settings in AutoCAD
Set the point cloud Parameters
Load the PSPM file

3. Section Tools
Use sectioning tools
Section Manager
Work with slices

4. Digitize Tools
UCS tools
Edge and corner detection

5. Modeling Tools
Fit Outline Plan
Fit Circle
Fit Arc
Fit Polygon
Fit Plane
Fit Cylinder

6. Scan Navigation
Scan navigation overview
Set scan navigation direction

7. Piping Processes
Pre-calculate cylinders
Walk the run, part 1
Walk the run, part 2
Walk the run, part 3
Walk the run, part 4
Apply constraints
Export to AutoCAD
Export to Plant 3D

8. Steel Processes
Structural steel overview
Fit beam
Copy and postpone fitting
Alignment tools
Export to AutoCAD
Export to Advance Steel

9. VirtuSurv
VirtuSurv overview
Macros, part 1
Macros, part 2
Macros, part 3

Next steps

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