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Learning Facebook


1. Get Started
Set up a new Facebook account
Log in and out and navigate the screen
Fill out your Facebook profile
Add friends on Facebook
Explore Facebook's News Feed

2. Build Your Friend List
Accept and ignore friend requests
Like brands and pages
Send and receive private messages
Chat live with your friends

3. Explore the News Feed
Post status updates and comments
Edit and delete posts and comments
Tag friends in comments and posts
React and share status updates
Save links and follow posts
Hide people and posts in your news feed

4. Share Photos with Friends
Upload photos and video to Facebook
Tag friends in photos

5. Take Facebook Further
Create and respond to events
Understand groups and pages
Learn about apps

6. Adjust Privacy and Other Settings
Change Facebook notification settings
Manage and delete your Facebook account
Adjust privacy, timeline, and tag settings
Report, block, and unfriend users

7. Use Facebook Mobile
Use Facebook on a mobile app
Use the Facebook Messenger app

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