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Learning Excel Online

Video Introducing this tutorial

Using the exercise files

1. Getting to Know Excel Online
A quick tour of Excel Online
Understanding the basic features of Excel Online
Using Excel Online shortcuts
Version management

2. Working Seamlessly with Excel Online and Excel Desktop
Creating and saving a new Excel Online workbook
Using Excel Online desktop features
Preparing an existing Excel desktop workbook for Excel Online use
Maintaining a seamless integration between Excel desktop and Excel Online

3. Collaborating with Excel Online
A quick tour of Excel Online collaboration features
Using the Accessibility Checker
Preparing permissions and sharing in Excel Online
Preparing permissions and sharing in OneDrive
Inserting and reviewing comments

4. Charting in Excel Online
Introduction to Excel Online charts
Chart tools
The value of structured data
Office add-ins

5. Creating Forms with Excel Online
Designing your form
Building your form
Sharing your form
Viewing results

Next steps

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