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Learning Dropbox

Video Introducing this tutorial


1. What Is Dropbox?
Understand the concept of cloud storage
Practical uses for Dropbox
How much space do you get?

2. Get Started with Dropbox
Sign up for a Dropbox account
Install the Dropbox app on your computer
Dropbox and file security

3. Work with Dropbox on Desktop and Laptop Computers
Back up your files with Dropbox
Use Smart Sync
Mirror the files between two computers
Access your files with a web browser
Use Dropbox for version control

4. Share Files with Dropbox
Share files and folders with anyone
Receive files from others
Share photos and videos

5. Dropbox for Collaboration
Collaborate on a folder and its contents
Comment on files
Collaborate on Microsoft Office files

6. Use Dropbox with Mobile Devices
Install the Dropbox mobile app
Use the Dropbox iOS app
Use the Dropbox Android app
Copy media from a camera or phone
Scan documents with a smartphone

7. More Uses for Dropbox
Dropbox Paper
Dropbox Showcase
Store URLs in Dropbox
Store and share screen captures

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