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Learning Direct Mail Strategy

Video Introducing this tutorial

Why mail?
Using the exercise files

1. The Audience
The 40/40/20 rule
Market segmentation methods
The marketing strategy
Generational considerations
List sources
List maintenance
Frequency or reach

2. The Message
The seven key copy drivers
The offer
The direct mail "package"
The direct mail letter
Placing critical marketing messages

3. The Format
Direct mail format terminology
Cards and postcards
Envelope mailers
Folded self-mailers
Bound materials
Parcels and irregular parcels
Circulars, inserts, and wraps
Newsletters and flyers

4. Engagement
Envelopes and opening mechanisms
Varnishes, coatings, and paper choice
Tchotchkes, coins, and the curiosity factor
Notes, stamps, and addressing techniques
Sampling and sensory effects
Cards, stickers, and activities
Contests, surveys, and official-looking mail
Dimensional and hi-tech mail

5. Leveraging Technology with Mail
The Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb)
Variable data printing
Personalized landing pages
Quick Response (QR) codes
Augmented reality (AR)
Inline finishing for mail
Marketing automation

6. The Environmental Argument
Is mail bad for the environment?
Green mail strategies

7. Testing, Tracking, and Measurement
Establishing the "control"
Testing techniques
Tracking mechanisms
Measurement formulas

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