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lynda Learning Claris Connect

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Working efficiently with Claris Connect
Claris Connect concepts
What you need to get started

1. Working with Projects :
Create a project
Editing, renaming, and deleting a project

2. Working with Flows :
Creating a flow
Configure a trigger
Configure an action
Enabling or disabling a flow
Testing a flow
Editing a flow
Viewing flow history
Flow settings
Flow versions

3. Working with Steps :
Renaming, duplicating, and deleting steps
Using step data
If-then steps
Repeat steps
On-error steps
Stop steps

4. Apps and Utilities :
Using utilities
Scheduling flows
Creating an approval
Using variables

5. Using Webhooks :
Creating a webhook

6. Claris FileMaker and Claris Connect :
FileMaker connector options
Preparing your FileMaker file for Claris Connect
Adding a FileMaker connector trigger
Creating FileMaker records
Editing FileMaker records
Executing FileMaker scripts
Getting and deleting FileMaker records
Finding FileMaker records

Conclusion :
Making the most of Claris Connect