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Learning Chef


What you should know
My lab environment

1. Getting Started with Chef

What is configuration management?
Configuration management platforms
What is Chef?
Install the Chef development kit (ChefDK)
Provision a centos instance with Vagrant
Your first Chef recipe

2. From Recipes to Cookbooks

Resources and recipes
Test and repair
Organize recipes with cookbooks
The Apache cookbook
Apply cookbooks and include_recipe
Ruby and resources
Ohai I'm the node object
Templates and embedded Ruby

3. The Chef Server

The benefits of using a Chef server
Get started with hosted Chef
Provision nodes with AWS
Bootstrap a node
Test deployments with Kitchen

4. Going Full Scale

Manage multiple nodes
Chef Supermarket
Wrapper cookbooks
Resolve dependencies with Berkshelf
Deploy the haproxy cookbook
Server artifacts: Roles, environments, data bags, and demo


Next steps