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Learning Calligraphy

Getting the most out of this course

1. Preparing to Do Calligraphy
Focusing on the essentials: mind and body coordination
The tools of the trade: paper, pens, ink
Preparing your practice sheets
The broad-edged pen and how it works: the ribbon effect
Advice for lefties

2. Writing Minuscules, or Small Letters
Creating the basic building blocks: a, n, o
Checkpoints: How did you do?
Related shapes: Alphabet families and necklaces
Letters with diagonal strokes
Special Letters: f, t, s, &
Letterspacing and wordspacing for minuscules

3. Writing Majuscules, or Capital Letters
Preparing to write capitals
Creating capitals with straight, diagonal, and curved sides
Checkpoints: How did you do?
Combining capitals and small letters

4. Writing Numbers and Punctuation
Oldstyle and lining numbers

5. Smaller Sizes, Layouts, Flourishes, and Color
Writing with smaller nib sizes
Calligraphy layouts: Planning projects
Adding flourishes: When, where, and how
Using color

Final Thoughts
Writing strategies for lefties
Using different materials and tools
Next steps