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Learning C (2014)

What you should know before watching this course
Using the exercise files

1. Getting Started
Programming overview
Obtaining a compiler and an IDE
Configuring Code::Blocks
Compiling a sample program

2. Programming Basics
Understanding a C program
Sending text to output
Challenge: Add a puts() statement
Solution: Add a puts() statement
Adding comments to the code
Exploring the printf() function
Challenge: Add a new line
Solution: Add a new line
Working with escape characters in printf
Challenge: Use escaped characters
Solution: Use escaped characters
Working with values and placeholders
Introducing variables
Using character I/O
Exploring strings and more I/O
Working with math
Making more calculations

3. Program Flow Control
Making a decision with if
Making multiple decisions with switch-case
Looping with while
Repeating chunks of code with for
Challenge: Output a series of numbers
Solution: Output a series of numbers
Nested loops
Adding a function
Passing values to a function
Challenge: Evaluate a number
Solution: Evaluate a number
Returning a value from a function

4. Intermediate C Language Concepts
Manipulating single characters
Manipulating strings
Exploring constants and placeholders
Building arrays
Creating mulitdimensional arrays
Challenge: Add a dimension to an array
Solution: Add a dimension to an array
Understanding structures
Working with time functions

5. Advanced C Language Concepts
Understanding variables
Referencing variables with pointers
Challenge: Working with pointers
Solution: Working with pointers
Accessing arrays with pointers
Creating pointer functions
Working with pointer arrays
Allocating memory
Challenge: Working with memory
Solution: Working with memory
Structures with structures
Building a linked list

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