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Learning Box

Video Introducing this tutorial

What you need for this course
Using the exercise files

1. Starting Out
What you can do with Box
Understanding types of Box plans
Creating a personal Box account
Logging in and out
Updating your profile

2. Storing and Viewing Files
Uploading files and folders
Working with files
Creating and using folders
Tagging files
Searching for files
Working with selected files and folders

3. Using Box Edit
Installing Box Edit
Editing a document using Box Edit
Creating a new document in Box Edit
Creating a web document
Creating a bookmark

4. Collaborating with Box
Understanding sharing and collaboration
Sharing a link to a file
Sharing a folder for collaboration
Managing email notifications from Box
Setting options for email attachments
Setting folder security options
Creating bookmarks for your team
Adding comments
Assigning tasks
Unsharing a folder

5. Browsing Box Apps
Understanding Box apps
What you need for Box for Office (beta)
Installing Box for Office (beta)
Opening a file from Box in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint
Saving an Office file to Box
Sharing Office documents

6. Going Mobile
Installing and using Box Sync
Getting Box for your phone
Using Box for a mobile device (iPad)
Working with files
Making files available offline

7. Using Box for Business
Upgrading to Box for Business
Using the administrative console
Managing user permissions
Locking, unlocking, and versioning files
Setting advanced folder properties
Embedding files and widgets in webpages
Viewing reports

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