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lynda Learning BIM 360 Design (2019)

Video Introducing this tutorial

Collaborating with BIM 360

1. Join Your First BIM 360 Design Project:
Introduction to BIM 360 Design
Create an Autodesk account
Open a BIM 360 Design Revit model
Desktop Connector
Viewing projects in a browser
Marking up projects in a browser
BIM 360 Docs iPad app

2. Setting Up BIM 360 Design:
Set up your account
Adding account admins
Creating and archiving projects
Fine-tuning account settings
Assign a license to a user
Creating a company and member directory
Inviting members to a project
Activate user access
Creating teams and assigning permissions

3. Using Revit with BIM 360 Design:
Creating a cloud-based Revit model
Linking via shared folder
Creating and sharing a package
Linking via Consumed folder
BIM 360 Design linking with Desktop Connector
Publishing cloud models

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