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Learning Bash Scripting

What you need to know before continuing
Using the exercise files

1. Working with the Command Line
What's Bash?
Reviewing common Bash commands
Tilde and brace expansion
Changing where things go with pipes and redirection
Manipulating output with grep, awk, and cut
Understanding Bash script syntax
Creating a basic Bash script

2. Building Bash Scripts
Displaying text with echo
Working with variables
Command substitution
Working with numbers
Comparing values
Working with strings
Coloring and styling text
Exploring some handy helpers: date and printf
Working with arrays
Reading and writing text files
Using here documents
Challenge: Make a script that generates a system report
Solution: Make a script that generates a system report

3. Control Structures
Testing truth conditions with the if keyword
Working with while and until loops
Introducing for loops
Selecting behavior using case
Using functions

4. Interacting with the User
Working with arguments
Working with flags
Getting input during execution
Ensuring a response
Challenge: Make a script that uses input
Solution: Make a script that uses input

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