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Learning Basecamp 3

Video Introducing this tutorial


Choosing the right Basecamp and pricing plan

1. Getting Started with Basecamp

Creating your account
Creating a new project
Setting up a project and making it easy to open

2. Managing Your Team

Adding people to a project
Adding several people to a basecamp at once
Updating your personal information and settings
Choosing notifications you want to receive
Creating a team in Basecamp

3. Managing Work

Creating a to-do list
Creating to-dos and assigning them to people
Editing and organizing to-dos
Finding to-dos
Marking a to-do as complete
Adding events to a project schedule

4. Communicating

Setting up your company's headquarters in Basecamp
Discuss topics with team members in real time with Campfire
Posting messages to the message board
Commenting on Basecamp items
Modifying discussions
Forwarding an email into a project
Checking in with the team on a regular basis
Pinging and mentioning people

5. Working with Files

Uploading and downloading files
Linking a Google doc to a project
Creating a text doc in Basecamp
Replacing a file with a new version
Organizing files within folders
Sharing items with others

6. Tracking Activities and Progress

Shortcuts for seeing what's going on
Reviewing activity on the timeline
Getting a daily activity email
Searching in Basecamp

7. Managing Basecamps

Bookmarking pages
Organizing projects
Moving and copying content to a different project
Renaming, archiving, deleting, and exporting
Managing people in your Basecamp account
Working with a Basecamp 3 mobile app

8. Working with Templates

Creating a template for future projects
Creating a project from a template


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