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Learning Autodesk Subassembly Composer

Exercise files

1. The Process
The subassembly development process
Creating a plan of attack

2. The Hello World Subassembly
Introduction to the Subassembly Composer
Define Subassembly properties
Adding input parameters
Adding points
Adding links
Testing subassembly in Civil 3D

3. Diving into Geometry
Define a shape
Understanding codes
Adding a horizontal target
Adding a vertical and surface target
Using auxiliary geometry
Revisit: Creating a plan of attack

4. Allowing for More User Interaction
VB functions: An introduction
Making decisions
Adding an enumeration
Using a switch
Making and setting variables
Other common API features

5. Additional Resources
Good habits: Style points and help files
Example PKTs
New in 2016: Geometric looping
Other resources and next steps