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Learning Autodesk Stingray

Exercise files and file organization

1. Beginning a Stingray Project
Starting with the launcher
Using the Project Manager and templates
Exploring the Stingray UI
Navigating the Stingray world

2. Preparing Assets in 3ds Max for Stingray
Preparing 3d models for use in Stingray: Part 1
Preparing 3d models for use in Stingray: Part 2
Understanding how textures work best
The basics of the Stingray material
Lighting strategies

3. Importing Assets into Stingray
Exporting and importing 3D assets
Having a directory structure
Placing objects
Connecting to 3ds Max via Live Link

4. Working with Environments
Deconstructing the shading environment
Visual effects
Light baking
Implementing realistic reflections

5. Using Flow for Materials and Animation
Flow: Intro
Creating a custom graph with Flow
Finalizing the Flow nodes
Preparing animation in 3ds Max
Animating a door with Flow

6. Deploying Your Experience
Deploying your projects

Next steps