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Learning Autodesk ReCap 360

Video Introducing this tutorial


Use the exercise files

1. Getting Started

Home screen
Scan project introduction
Photo project introduction

2. Scan Project: Home Menu

Create a project
Open a project
Navigation menu
Import data
Export a project
Export an image file
Recover points that have been deleted
Save a project

3. Contextual Tile Menu

Use a selection window
Select points using a fence
Select points along a plane
Measure distance
Measure angles
Add notes
Set an outer limit to the point cloud

4. Display Settings Menu

Adjust the color of the point cloud display
Adjust lighting
Adjust the size of points
User interface elements
Set the background color

5. Additional Options

Understand the Project Navigator
View states
Scan regions
Search functionality
Navigation with the ViewCube
Undo and redo your work
Project coordinates
Provide software feedback

6. Photo Projects

Recap a photo project
Export your data


Next steps