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Learning Articulate Storyline 3

Video Introducing this tutorial

What you need to know
How to use the exercise files

1. Get Started with Storyline 3
What is Articulate Storyline 3?
Understand elearning basics
Open a project and tour the user interface
Set up global preferences

2. Build a Presentation
Start a new project
Create a project from PowerPoint
Create and link multiple scenes
Add new slides and text
Add shapes and text
Add animation
Animate objects on a path
Use triggers and timings
Adjust slide and player properties
Add transitions

3. Use Assets and Elements
Add and edit images
Use built-in characters
Add text balloons
Create and edit buttons
Work with states
Add interactive sliders

4. Work with Media
Add background audio
Insert video
Adjust video appearance
Ensure accessibility
Add hotspots

5. Assess Elearning
Elearning assessment basics
Create intermittent review questions
Use different question types
Create a results slide
Import questions from Excel

6. Publish Your Project
Prepare to publish your project
Publish your course to the web
Publish to Articulate Online or an LMS
Publish handouts to Microsoft Word

Next steps

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