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Learning Arduino: Interfacing with Analog Devices

Video Introducing this tutorial

Integrating analog devices with Arduino
What you should know before watching

1. Analog Inputs
What are analog devices?
Understanding analog-to-digital converters
Exploring our temperature sensor (TMP37)
Understanding how to interpret the sensor values
Interpreting the sensor values
Wiring up the temperature sensor
Coding to read the temperature sensor
LDR (light-dependent resistor) sensor
Using a voltage divider with our LDR
Wiring up our LDR circuit
Coding to read the LDR circuit
Joystick module
Wiring up our joystick
Coding the joystick circuit

2. Analog Outputs
How Arduino generates analog output
Understanding pulse-width modulation (PWM)
Understanding the analogWrite function with PWM
Wire up an LED
Write code to use PWM with the LED
Understanding the map() function
Wiring a potentiometer to control LED
Coding to control the LED with a potentiometer

3. Interfacing with a Stepper Motor
Stepper motor introduction
Unipolar stepper motors
Stepper motor driver board ULN2003
Wiring a stepper motor to Arduino
Coding to control the motor directly
Exploring the Stepper Library
Coding for the stepper motor
Coding using the Stepper() function

4. Projects
Using the joystick to control LEDs
Wiring up the joystick and LEDs
Coding for the joystick and LEDs
Using an LDR sensor to control a motor
Coding the LDR and sensor
Using a joystick to control a motor
Wiring up the joystick and motor
Coding the joystick and motor

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