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Learning ArcGIS

Video Introducing this tutorial

Using the exercise files
Working with GIS data files

1. Getting Started
What is GIS?
Understanding ArcGIS versions
Getting to know the ArcMap interface
Orienting yourself with multiple windows
Understanding layers
Identifying features
Making selections
Viewing attribute tables

2. Exploring Geospatial Data
Introducing ArcCatalog
Understanding vector data
Exploring vector data
Understanding raster data
Exploring raster data
Viewing and modifying metadata
Understanding projection and coordinate systems

3. Organizing the Map
Adding data to the map
Importing data from online providers
Editing layer properties and symbology
Labeling features
Classifying data

4. Creating Data
Creating new data files
Drawing new features with the Editor toolbar
Plotting points from a spreadsheet
Exploring ArcToolbox
Joining data
Clipping data to a study area
Creating buffers

5. Finishing the Map
Working with map layouts
Inserting a locator map
Creating a legend
Adding scale bars, north arrows, and titles
Printing and exporting the map to a file

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