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Learning Apple tvOS App Development

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you should know
Using the exercise files

1. Introducing tvOS Development

What makes tvOS special?
The Siri remote and the focus model
A light and dark Hello World

2. Your First tvOS App: Build the UI

What you are going to create
Set up the ViewController hierarchy
Understand UISplitViewController
Add video assets and imagery
Add different UIKit components
Set up a TableViewController
Connect the UI with your code

3. Your First tvOS App: Add the Logic

Demo API and some helpers
A video background
Set up location services
Handle location updates
Get weather data for the users location
Update the UI with weather data
Forecast for more than one day
Text entry on tvOS: Search for locations
TableViews on tvOS
UISplitViewController in action

4. Final Touches

Understand the top shelf
Enable the top shelf and layered images
Set up shortcuts
Communicate with URL schemes
Add a layered app icon


Next steps