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Learning Apple Remote Desktop

Video Introducing this tutorial


1. Getting Ready
Required software and equipment
Understanding remote administration
Tour of the interface and features
Suggested uses

2. Getting Started Quickly
Enabling Remote Management
Adding and grouping computers
Monitoring, controlling, and locking
A one-to-many copy
Installing packages

3. Stealth Control
Sending a UNIX command
Intro to the command library
Common helpful UNIX tasks

4. Reporting
Creating inventory reports
Creating software reports
Exporting useful data

5. Remote Spotlight
Finding something on one computer
Finding something on many computers
Moving found items

6. Task Server
Understanding the role of an Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) task server
Using the remote task server instead of the local one
Controlling a task server remotely
Using the task history

7. Classroom Use
Messaging with ARD
Locking the screen and sending files

8. ARD-Assisted Deployment
Setting the startup disk and restarting into NetInstall
Creating a custom client installer

9. Apple Consultant Use
Building a sustainable management system
Using port forwarding
Servers and task servers at every client
Knowing when remote ends and on-site begins