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Learning Apache Cordova

What you should know before watching this course
Using the exercise files

1. Introduction to Apache Cordova
What is PhoneGap/Apache Cordova?
PhoneGap ecosystem

2. Set Up the Environment
Install NodeJS
Set up system for Android development for Mac
Set up system for Android development for PC
Configure Android device for development
Install iOS development environment
Set up iOS device for development
Resolve signing issues
Other supported platforms

3. Installing the Command Line Interface
Install the Cordova CLI
Install the PhoneGap CLI

4. Creating Your First App
Create a project using the Cordova CLI
Explore the project structure
Add platforms to project
Remove platforms from project

5. Understanding App Development
Explore the sample app
Local hosting
Wrap up

6. Configuring Your App
Configuration basics
Define general settings
Set iOS specific configurations
Set Android specific configurations
Add app icons
Work with external resources

7. Building Your App
Introduction to building
Build for iOS
Build for Android

8. Extending Your App with Plugins
Configure application plugins
Add a plugin to your app
Third-party plugins
Remove PhoneGap plugins

9. Debugging Your PhoneGap Build App
Debug Android apps with Chrome remote inspection
Debug with Safari
Debug with GapDebug

10. Preparing for Release
Prepare app for the Apple App Store
Prepare app for the Google Play store

11. Other Tools
The PhoneGap desktop app

Next Steps