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lynda Learning Amazon Web Services (AWS) QuickSight

Video Introducing this tutorial

Understand your data with QuickSight
What you should know

1. Getting Started with AWS QuickSight:
Introducing Amazon Web Services (AWS) and QuickSight
Comparing cloud vs. desktop applications
Introducing visual components

2. Extracting Data:
Overviewing supported data sources
Leveraging super-fast, parallel, in-memory, calculation engine (SPICE)
Connecting to files
Connecting to AWS cloud services
Connecting to corporate data sources
Connecting to SaaS
Understanding data source limitations and settings
Challenge: Connecting to data
Solution: Connecting to data

3. Transforming Data:
Renaming fields
Removing fields
Filtering rows
Changing data types
Creating calculated fields
Adding conditional fields
Setting up geospatial grouping
Challenge: Transforming data
Solution: Transforming data

4. Loading Data:
Creating data sets
Sharing data sets
Refreshing data
Joining tables
Deleting data sets

5. Creating Visualizations:
Creating visuals
Exploring visualization options
Aggregating measures
Formatting visuals
Sorting data logically
Filtering visuals
Adding color themes
Leveraging conditional formatting
Creating table calculations
Challenge: Creating visualizations
Solution: Creating visualizations

6. Configuring Dashboards:
Introducing visualization best practices
Interacting between visualizations
Drilling down into visuals
Utilizing parameters
Adding on-screen controls
Creating stories
Leveraging ML Insights
Challenge: Configuring dashboards
Solution: Configuring dashboards

7. Sharing Your Analysis:
Navigating dashboard of visualizations
Emailing reports
Viewing on a mobile device
Exporting reports and data
Setting up anomaly alerts
Embedding dashboards

Next steps for understanding your data