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Learning Amazon Connect: Create and Manage a Contact Center

Create great customer experiences
What you need

1. Amazon Connect Overview
History of Amazon Connect
Pricing model
Architecture overview

2. Create an Instance
Build an Amazon Connect instance
Claim your first number
Log in to your instance
Navigate the Connect UI
Porting numbers

3. User Configuration
Learn about user configuration
Create an agent hierarchy
Create security profiles
Create users
Create users in bulk
Create agent status codes

4. Routing Configuration
Learn about routing configuration
Create hours of operation
Create queues
Create quick connects
Create routing profiles
Create an IVR contact flow
Use SSML in your contact flows
Call back in queue

5. Metrics and Quality
Overview of metrics and quality
Enable call recording and playback
Real-time reporting
Manager Listen-in
Historical reporting

6. Lambda and DynamoDB Integration
Personalize the contact flow
Create a DynamoDB table
Create a Lambda function
Install AWS CLI
Grant Lambda permissions
Lambda in the contact flow

7. Conversational Contact Flows
Introduction to Lex
Build a Lex bot
Test and publish a Lex bot
Add permissions to invoke Lex bot
Add a Lex bot to your contact flows

Next steps