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Learning Adobe Spark

Video Introducing this tutorial



1. Getting Started with Adobe Spark

Creating an Adobe ID
Understanding Adobe Spark
Using Spark on an iPad
Search tips for images and icons
Understanding themes

2. Spark Post

Creating a base Post project
Adding and formatting text
Opacity and masking
Working with images
Multiimage post
Animating text and backgrounds

3. Spark Video

Creating a base video project
Spark video layouts
Using and customizing music
Adding slide narrations
Importing pre-recorded narrations with music
Importing an animated opening from Spark Post
Inserting videos
Transition techniques
Customizing themes

4. Spark Page

Creating a base Page project
Importing and formatting long text
Working with photos
Photogrid and spacing trick
Inserting buttons, links, and videos


Sharing and publishing Spark projects
Next steps

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