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Learn System Center 2016: Virtual Machine Manager

Video Introducing this tutorial



1. Introduction to Virtual Machine Manager

VMM history and overview
VMM features
VMM fabric
Install VMM prerequisites
Install Virtual Machine Manager

2. VMM Hosts

Create host groups
Add VMM hosts
Manage VMM hosts
Scale-Out File Servers
Manage VMware hosts

3. VMM Networking

VMM networking overview
Set up logical and VM networks
Set up pools and gateways
Create port profiles and logical switches
Configure load balancing

4. VMM Storage

VMM storage overview
Assign and add storage to hosts
Cluster storage creation
Deploy a virtual machine
iSCSI storage

5. VMM Library

VMM library overview
Add file-based resources to the library
Add custom resources
Equivalent objects
Self-service user content

6. Deploying Virtual Machines and Services in VMM

Private clouds
Rapid provisioning
VMM profiles
VMM templates
VMM update


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