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lynda Learn Apache Kafka for Beginners

Intro to Apache Kafka
Apache Kafka in five minutes

1. Kafka Theory
Kafka theory overview
Topics, partitions, and offsets
Brokers and topics
Topic replication
Producers and message keys
Consumer and consumer group
Consumer offsets and delivery semantics
Kafka broker discovery
Kafka guarantees
Theory roundup

2. Starting Kafka
Important: Starting Kafka
macOS: Download and set up Kafka in PATH
macOS: Using brew
macOS: Start ZooKeeper and Kafka
Linux: Download and set up Kafka in PATH
Linux: Start ZooKeeper and Kafka
Windows: Download and set up Kafka in PATH
Windows: Start ZooKeeper and Kafka

3. Command Line Interface (CLI) 101
CLI introduction
Kafka topics CLI
Kafka console producer CLI
Kafka console consumer CLI
Kafka consumers in groups
Kafka consumer groups CLI
Resetting offsets
Kafka Tool UI

4. Kafka Java Programming 101
Intro to Kafka programming
Creating a Kafka project
Java producer
Java producer callbacks
Java producer with keys
Java consumer
Java consumer inside consumer group
Java consumer with threads
Java consumer seek and assign
Client bidirectional compatibility

5. Kafka Real-World Project
Real-world project overview

6. Kafka Twitter Producer and Advanced Configurations
Producer and advanced configurations overview
Twitter setup
Producer, part 1: Writing a Twitter client
Producer, part 2: Writing the Kafka producer
Producer configurations introduction
Acks and min.insync.replicas
Retries and
Idempotent producer
Producer, part 3: Safe producer
Producer compression
Producer batching
Producer, part 4: High throughput producer
Producer default partitions and key hashing
Refactoring the project

7. Kafka Elasticsearch Consumer and Advanced Configurations
Consumer and advanced configuration overview
Setting up Elasticsearch in the cloud
Elasticsearch 101
Consumer, part 1: Set up project
Consumer, part 2: Write the consumer and send to Elasticsearch
Consumer, part 3: Delivery semantics
Delivery semantics for consumers
Consumer, part 3: Idempotence
Consumer poll behavior, part 1
Consumer poll behavior, part 2
Consumer offset commit strategies
Consumer, part 4: Manual commit of offsets
Consumer, part 5: Performance improvement using batching
Consumer offsets reset behavior
Consumer, part 6: Replaying data
Consumer internal threads

8. Kafka Ecosystem and Real-World Architectures
Kafka in the real world

9. Kafka Extended APIs
Kafka Connect introduction
Kafka Connect Twitter: Hands-on example
Kafka Streams introduction
Kafka Streams: Hands-on example
Kafka Schema Registry introduction

10. Real-World Insights and Case Studies
Case study: MovieFlix
Case study: GetTaxi
Case study: MySocialMedia
Case study: MyBank
Case study: Big data ingestion
Case study: Logging and metrics aggregation

11. Kafka in the Enterprise for Admins
Kafka cluster setup, high-level architecture overview
Kafka monitoring and operations
Kafka security

12. Advanced Topic Configurations
Changing a topic configuration
Segment and indexes
Log cleanup policies
Log cleanup delete
Log compaction theory
Log compaction practice
min.insync.replicas reminder
Unclean leader election

13. Annexes
What are annexes?

14. Starting Kafka Differently
Annex 1: Overview
Starting Kafka with the Confluent CLI
Starting a multibroker Kafka cluster using binaries
Start Kafka development environment using Docker
Starting a multibroker Kafka cluster using Docker
Kafka advertised host setting
Starting Kafka on a remote machine