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Leading with Kindness and Strength

Balancing empathy with decisiveness

1. Nice Is Your Superpower
The myth
Meet the nice girl

2. Use Empathy Effectively
Empathy as a tool
See feedback as a gift
How to give empathetic feedback

3. Speak Up and Cultivate Confidence
The importance of speaking up
Speak-up strategies
Cultivating evidence-based confidence

4. Ask for More and Seize New Opportunities
Why and how to ask for more
How Amy got a salary increase
Own your qualifications: The 60/40 rule

5. Create Boundaries around Your Most Precious Asset: Your Time
Say yes to the things that matter
How to say no
The sweet spot between yes and no
Sorry, not sorry
Speech weakeners

6. (Net)Work It
Prioritize networking and know your why
How to network for results
My favorite icebreakers

7. In Closing: Pay It Forward
Four tips to pay it forward
Closing thoughts