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Kubernetes for Java Developers

Video Introducing this tutorial

Applying Java skills to Kubernetes
What you should know

1. Introduction to Kubernetes
Why Kubernetes?
Kubernetes workflow for Java developers
Build and test application using Maven

2. Packaging Our App Using Docker
Docker workflow
Docker image and container
Build a Docker image using a Dockerfile
Work with a Docker container
Build a Docker image using Jib
Minimal Docker image using custom JRE

3. Kubernetes Concepts and Getting Started
Kubernetes concepts and instantiation
Kubernetes resources
Kubernetes cluster concepts
Kubernetes clusters: Getting started
Getting started with Minikube
Deploy using standalone manifests
Deploy using standalone single manifest
Introduction to Helm charts
Deploy using Helm charts
Debug a deployment with IntelliJ

4. Kubernetes Cluster on AWS
Introduction to Amazon EKS
EKS deployment
Migrate app to a cluster on AWS

5. Service Mesh and Istio
Introduction to service mesh and Istio
Install Istio on Amazon EKS
Deploy application with two deployments
Create Istio resources
Traffic shifting using Istio
Visualize mesh using Kiali

6. Deployment Pipelines
AWS CodePipeline

Next steps