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jQuery Mobile Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

What you should already know
Using the exercise files

1. Getting Started with jQuery Mobile
Building your first jQuery Mobile app
Intro to jQuery Mobile
Overview of jQuery Mobile features

2. Building jQuery Mobile Pages
Using page transitions
Understanding jQuery Mobile page architecture
Creating and using dialog widgets

3. Using jQuery Mobile Widgets
jQuery Mobile form basics
Working with buttons
Using text inputs
Using radio buttons and check boxes
Slider and flipswitch widgets
Using select lists

4. Working with Toolbars
Creating toolbars
Fixed-position toolbars
External toolbars
Navigation bars

5. Working with List Views
Overview of list views
Basic list views
Advanced list views

6. Using the Content Formatting Tools
Using layout grids
Using collapsible content blocks
Working with collapsible sets
Using themes

7. jQuery Mobile Events
Touch events
Orientation events
Scroll events
Page initialization and load events
Page change and transition events

8. The jQuery Mobile API
Configuring jQuery Mobile defaults
jQuery Mobile utility methods