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JHipster: Build and Deploy Spring Boot Microservices

What you should know
Working with the exercise files

1. Setting Up Your Environment
Demo app overview
What you should have already installed
Install Yarn
Install Yeoman and JHipster

2. Microservice Architecture
Microservice characteristics
Additional microservice characteristics
Benefits of microservices
Costs of using microservices
Best practices with microservices

3. JHipster
What is JHipster?
Overview of JHipster generator options
Out-of-the-box features of JHipster
JHipster microservice architecture

4. JHipster API Gateway
Create an API gateway
Generate API gateway using CLI
Import, review, and run code

5. Create a Microservice
Generate microservice project using CLI
Import, review, and run code

6. Set Up the JHipster Registry
What is the JHipster Registry?
Download WAR and run project

7. Implement REST Endpoint
Use CLI to generate a new entity
Interact with a new entity

8. Manage Multiple Microservices
Important considerations
Run app and demo what's been built

9. Deployment with Docker
Using Docker with JHipster
Quick overview of Docker Compose
Using the Docker Compose sub-generator

10. Deployment Cloud Solutions
Choose a deployment solution
Create an EC2 instance on AWS
Install dependencies on an EC2 instance
Start up Docker Machine on EC2
Configure and start up an app on EC2
Create a VM on Azure
Install dependencies on an Azure VM
Start up Docker Machine on a VM
Configure and start up an app on a VM
Deploy to Cloud Foundry

Next steps

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