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JavaScript for Web Designers

What You Should Know
Using the Exercise Files
Compatibility notes

1. JavaScript in Use
What Is JavaScript?
Live examples
Anti-use Cases

2. Writing and Debugging
Our friend, the Text Editor
Browsers and tools
Tools in action
Getting help
Jargon: The DOM

3. Working with Forms
Work with user info
Text fields
Select boxes
Radio buttons and checkboxes
Change submission with events
Start to validate input
Disable a field
Retrieve all the data from the cart
Total up a shopping cart
Explore and fix type errors
Get and set with innerHTML
Challenge: Add and use more fields
Solution: Add and use more fields

4. A Matter of Time
Use JS to tell time
Get pieces of time
Use timers to update the page
Polish the clock
Challenge: Add the date
Solution: Add the date

5. Using the Google Maps API
What is an API?
Create a map
Change the center point
Change the type and zoom level
Add a marker
Add a popup to the marker
Challenge: Modify the map
Solution: Modify the map

Next step: More about JavaScript
Next step: jQuery
Next step: JavaScript and Frameworks