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Java Integration with .NET Framework

What you should know before watching
Using the exercise files

1. Environment Setup
Installing IDEs
Install Javonet
How Javonet works
Confirm everything works: Visual Studio
Confirm everything works: Eclipse

2. Java Meets .NET
Why should Java and .NET integrate?
Current integration options
Challenges of native integration
Benefits of native integration
When to go native

3. Java and .NET Integration: Basic
Instance and static methods
Fields and properties
Pass arguments
Work with arrays

4. Java and .NET Integration: Advanced
Subscribe .NET events from Java
Dispose of a .NET object
Embed .NET UI in Java interface
Wrap .NET methods
Debug .NET code called from Java
Wrap car component method, part 1
Wrap car component method, part 2
Wrap car component method, part 3

5. Real-World Scenarios
Gantt chart overview
Gantt chart functionality
PDF library: Converting a file

Next steps

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