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Java Essential Training: Objects and APIs

What you should know
How to use the exercise files

1. Exception Handling and Debugging
Syntax errors vs. exceptions
Debug with IntelliJ IDEA
Handle exceptions with try-catch
Create multiple catch blocks
Checked vs. unchecked exceptions

2. Create Custom Classes
About encapsulation
Use the Java runtime classes
Wrap code in static methods
Declare and use custom classes
Organize code with packages
Create and use instance methods
Manage state with instance variables
Declare multiple constructor methods
Use static fields as constants
Declare and use enum types
Organize code with nested types

3. Work with Inheritance
About inheritance and polymorphism
Extend classes and override methods
Cast objects as different types
Create and implement interfaces
Use abstract classes and methods

4. Manage Data Collections
Store values in simple arrays
Manage resizable arrays with List
Manage key-value pairs with Map

5. Use Java Packages and Libraries
Work with dates and times
Copy files with readers and buffers
Copy files with Path and Files classes
Parse a JSON file
Include packages with modules

6. Prepare a Java Application for Deployment
Document code with Javadoc
Package classes in JAR files

Next steps

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