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Java EE: Servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSP)

Video Introducing this tutorial

What you should know
Using the exercise files

1. Overview and Setup
Understanding the purpose of servlets
Environment setup: Create a web project
Environment setup: Deploy and run
Alternative setups
Project application setup

2. Servlet Basics: GET
Types of HTTP requests
Implementing a GET request in a web app
Search: Setting up a database connection
Search: Querying the database
Search: Building a servlet response

3. Servlet Basics: POST
POST request basics
Register user: Collecting form data and calling DAO
Register user: Querying database and building response
Register user: Behind the scenes

4. Forwarding, Redirection, and Other APIs
Understanding forwarding
Understanding redirection
Using ServletConfig
Using ServletContext
Using request/response objects
Scopes and parameters vs. attributes

5. Servlet Life Cycle
Understanding the servlet life cycle
Using the servlet life cycle

6. JSP Fundamentals
Understanding JSP and its features
JSP elements: Scriptlet, declaration, and expression
JSP elements: Scriptlet and expression
JSP elements: Declaration
Understanding the JSP life cycle
JSP directives: Page
JSP directives: Include and taglib
Understanding implicit objects in JSP

7. Session Management
Understanding the need for session management
Cookies for session management
Using cookies
URL rewriting for session management
Using URL rewriting
Consuming session APIs in a web app

8. Filters and Listeners
Understanding the need for filters in a web app
Filters: User validation in a servlet
Filters: Display error and set up filter class
Filters: Implement filter logic
Understanding the need for listeners in a web app
Using listeners in a web app

9. JSP Standard Actions and Expression Language
Understanding the advent of standard actions
JSP standard actions: Querying database
JSP standard actions: Displaying data
Expression language
Using expression language in JSP
Using implicit objects of expression language

10. JSTL and Custom Tag Library
Need for JSTL and its modules
Core module: Querying database
Core module: Displaying data
FMT module
Custom tag library
Custom tag: Define tag handler and TLD
Custom tag: Use tag on JSP

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