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lynda Java Design Patterns: Structural

Video Introducing this tutorial

Improve code quality with structural design patterns
What you should know

1. Structural Design Patterns:
What is a design pattern?
Structural design patterns

2. The Adapter Pattern:
Understand the Adapter pattern
Implement the Adapter pattern
Challenge: The Adapter pattern
Solution: The Adapter pattern

3. The Bridge Pattern:
Understand the Bridge pattern
Avoid complex constructions
Implement the Bridge pattern
Challenge: The Bridge pattern
Solution: The Bridge pattern

4. The Composite Pattern:
Understand the Composite pattern
Example of when to use the Composite pattern
Implement the Composite pattern
Challenge: The Composite pattern
Solution: The Composite pattern

5. The Decorator Pattern:
Understand the Decorator pattern
Implement a Decorator class
Change component behavior dynamically
Challenge: The Decorator pattern
Solution: The Decorator pattern

6. The Façade Pattern:
Understand the Façade pattern
Implement the Façade pattern
Challenge: The Façade pattern
Solution:The Façade pattern

7. The Flyweight Pattern:
Understand the Flyweight pattern
Recognize where to use the Flyweight pattern
Implement the Fyweight pattern
Challenge: The Flyweight pattern
Solution: The Flyweight pattern

8. The Proxy Pattern:
Understand the Proxy pattern
Recognize where to use the Proxy pattern
Implement the Proxy pattern
Challenge: The Proxy pattern
Solution: The Proxy pattern

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