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Java Design Patterns: Creational

Improve code with creational design patterns
What you should know

1. Creational Design Patterns
What is a design pattern?
Creational design patterns

2. The Builder Pattern
Avoid complex constructors
Implement the Builder pattern
Implement a complete Builder pattern
Complex constructions

3. The Singleton Pattern
When to use the Singleton pattern
Implement the Singleton pattern
Multithreading with the Singleton pattern
Java's Collection class

4. The Prototype Pattern
Understand the Prototype pattern
Implement the Prototype pattern
Dealing with mutability

5. The Factory Method Pattern
Understand the Factory Method pattern
Implement a simple Factory Method pattern
Introduction to hierarchies
The complete Factory Method pattern

6. Abstract Factories
Understand the Abstract Factory pattern
Dealing with extensible factories
Implement the Abstract Factory pattern
Implement extensible factories

Next steps