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lynda IT Security Foundations: Network Security

Video Introducing this tutorial

Securing the network
Prepare for MTA exam 98-367

1. Security Devices:
Reviewing firewalls
Luring with honeypots
Keeping the OS and software updated
Assessing security baselines

2. Network Isolation:
Segmenting using routers and VLANS
Creating server and domain isolation
Securing the perimeter network
Translating the network address

3. Avoiding Attacks:
Comparing attack methods
Attacking passwords
Sniffing the network
Spoofing protocols
Poison the ARP cache
Challenge: Password strength
Solution: Password strength

4. Using Secure Protocols:
Securing DNS
Securing Internet Protocol
Protecting DHCP

5. Client Protection:
Using antivirus
User Account Control (UAC)
Encrypting folders and files
Setting software restriction policies
Using the principle of least privilege
Encrypting data in transit

6. Physical Security:
Protecting buildings
Securing hardware
Controlling access
Challenge: Physical security requirements
Solution: Physical security requirements

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