lynda iPhone and iPad Photography with iOS 14

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Up your photo game with your iOS device
What you should know

1. How to Use the Camera App :
Camera controls, part 1
Camera controls, part 2
Optical zoom vs. digital zoom
Adjust exposure
Use high dynamic range (HDR)
Use the ProRAW format
Portrait and Portrait Lighting mode
Night mode
Create panoramas
Burst mode
Video settings
Record a video
Record a slow-motion video
Record a time-lapse video

2. Organize with the Photos App :
Organize photos
The Albums view
How albums work
Create albums and folders
Edit your albums
Set up the People albums
Manage the People albums
Merge People albums and fix mistakes
The Places album
Search for photos
Delete, recover, and hide photos
What is “For You”?
Create and edit a Memory

3. Edit with the Photos App :
Crop, rotate, and straighten photos
Auto adjustment and filters
Adjustments for light and contrast
Adjustments for color and saturation
Adjustments for detail
Edit raw photos
Live Photos: Trim and set the Key Photo
Live Photos: Motion effects
Copy and duplicate photos for editing
Use photo extensions to edit with other apps
Edit a video

4. Share and Transfer Photos :
Share images with the Photos app
Transfer photos with AirDrop
Create shared albums with iCloud
Manage shared albums
My Photo Stream
Manage Photo Stream photos
iCloud Photos

Conclusion :
Next steps

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