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lynda iPadOS 13 Development Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

Start a career in iPadOS development
What you should know

1. Apple Dev Tools Review:
SwiftUI basics
Previewing multiple platforms in SwiftUI
Using SwiftUI to create navigation
Creating a SwiftUI navigation model
Setting a default selection
Working with unsupported views in SwiftUI
Challenge: Add an image
Solution: Add an image

2. Multitasking:
Setting up for multitasking in iPadOS 13
Using Picture in Picture
Implementing simple drag and drop
Challenge: Create a tabbed app
Solution: Create a tabbed app

3. Using PencilKit:
Working with a PKCanvasView
Using a PKToolPicker
Responding to pencil events
Saving and loading drawings
Challenge: Create a markup app
Solution: Create a markup app

4. Cross-Platform Applications:
Creating a cross-platform app
Creating views for one platform
Challenge: Cross-platform web browser
Solution: Cross-platform web browser

5. Dark Mode:
Dark Mode overview
Dark Mode custom colors
Dark Mode system colors
Challenge: Add adapting color
Solution: Add adapting color

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