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IoT Development with Windows 10 IoT Core 2: Enabling the Cloud and Security

Video Introducing this tutorial


Review the WeatherWare device in action
Using the exercise files

1. Designing an IoT Product with Windows

Windows 10 IoT overview
Review hardware options
Exploring the Sense HAT
Assemble your prototype
Chapter 1 review

2. Building the WeatherWare Device

Review the WeatherWare design
Design and implement UX
Implement sensor access
Design data feed (WU)
Implement state machine
Populate state machine
Chapter 2 review

3. Connecting to the Cloud

Review cloud options
Connect to Azure IoT Hub
Install cloud tools
Send data to the cloud
Receive notifications from the cloud
Chapter 3 review

4. Securing Your Device

Review Windows 10 IoT security
Plan for production security
Device provisioning
Implement firmware update
Chapter 4 review


Move from prototype to production
Next steps